Clear Blue Skies

2 Eco-Friendly Blue and Ivory Cotton 2-Layer Masks

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By Luisa Villavicencio, two handsome face masks take shape in cool cotton. One features windowpane checks in two shades of blue on ivory while the other is solid dark blue. Fully lined, the double-layered pair is washable and reusable with elastic loops for the ears.

The Villavicencio' Family cultivates cotton in several natural colors – jade, brown ixcaco (cocoa) and ivory, or raw cotton. In fact, people are surprised to learn that no dyes are used. The family is involved in the entire process, from growing the cotton, to weaving it and transforming it into these unique masks. The blue tones come from recycling cotton fibers from leftover scraps of denim.
  • 100% cotton
  • 1 oz
  • Each: 10.3 inches L x 7 inches W
  • Each elastic loop: 4.7 inches L x 0.2 inches W
  • Made in Guatemala