Akuaba Motif Handwoven Cotton Fertility Shawl

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SKU: 244721
Charity Jobarteh weaves the fabric by hand for this West African fertility shawl and applies screen-printing with a depicting the traditional Akan fertility dolls known as akuaba. Ashanti akuaba have large, disc-like heads and small bodies, similar to a baby's proportions. Other tribal groups in the area have their own distinctive akuaba style. The dolls are traditionally worn on the backs of Akan women who hope to conceive, or to make sure their child will be attractive. When not being used, the akuaba is ritually washed and cared for. The spirit of these fertility dolls is also present in this shawl, which pays tribute to this aspect of Akan culture.
  • 100% cotton
  • 0.73 lbs
  • 59 inches L x 24.5 inches W
  • Made in Ghana