Dreaming of Birds

Batik Cotton Cushion Covers (Pair)

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As a young woman sleeps, her thoughts turn to birds: soft feathers and graceful wings soaring in flight. Alaya Cholprasertsuk's design depicts the lovely lady and her avian dream using batik on cotton. Charming and original, these cushion covers are ideal for an informal decor.

Batik is a fabric art in which the cloth is stretched on a wooden frame and the design sketched with a pencil. Then a mixture of melted wax and resin is painted onto areas where color is not desired and the fabric is dipped in a solution of reactive dye, water, salt, and sodium bicarbonate. When the fabric is crumpled into the dying solution, the wax cracks, creating an attractive network of fine lines. The wax is removed and process is repeated for each color utilized. Finally, the cloth is washed and rinsed to remove any excess dye.

This pair will feature the same design, but the colors may vary slightly to those pictured, making each a unique work of art.
  • Batik on cotton
  • Cushion(s) not included
  • 0.60 lbs
  • 20.8 inches L x 20.8 inches W
  • Made in Thailand