Green Jikuri Deer

Huichol Beadwork Long White Deer & Green Jikuri Earrings

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Resembling a flower with six petals, a verdant jikuri or peyote bud crowns these very long earrings. The centerpiece of Huichol ritualism, jikuri is revered for its curative properties and its ability to enlighten the one who partakes of it. The deer also figures prominently in Huichol cosmology, and a blue deer is considered their brother and guardian. A white deer takes pride of place in this colorful beadwork design. Black and white bring a beautiful contrast to three shades of green. Huichol Cultural Center artisans craft the pair by hand with a cascade of long beaded fringe.
  • Glass beads, 925 sterling silver hooks
  • 0 oz
  • 4.7 inches L x 0.9 inches W x 0.1 inches D
  • Made in Mexico