Rustic Farming Tractor

Unique Mexican Recycled Metal Auto Parts Sculpture

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SKU: 192973
Detailed with admirable precision, this tractor is sculpted from a variety of metal pieces once used in cars, buses and even in construction. Armando Ramirez crafts this original sculpture with a car's rocker arm, breaker points and chains, as well as chain bearings from a bus. He also recycles metal sheets, thick wires and nails used in construction, and he completes the elaborate sculpture with pieces discarded from a die machine.

Ramírez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish, therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • Recycled metal
  • 11.90 lbs
  • 8.8 inches H x 7 inches W x 18 inches D
  • Made in Mexico