White Bird

White Wing Bird Color Woodcut Print by J. Borges in Brazil

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A white winged bird flies skyward from a desert setting of cactus. For this woodcut print, artist J. Borges finds inspiration in a popular song from Northeastern Brazil. It tells of a drought in the area. Fleeing the intense heat after his cattle and horse died of thirst, a man sees that even the white bird has left. He sings to Rosita of his sad loneliness and hopes for the rain that will permit him to return, promising to come back to her.

Xylograph (woodcut) print on paper, titled 'Asa Branca' in Portuguese.
  • Ink on parchment paper
  • Arrives unframed
  • Limited edition
  • Signed by the artist
  • 1 oz
  • 13 inches W x 19 inches H
  • Made in Brazil