Andean Feline

Andean Artisan Crafted Dried Mate Gourd Cat Jewelry Box

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Peruvian craftsman Daniel Vargas is from Cochas Chico in the El Tambo district of Huancayo province and has been gaining mastery of the Huancayan art of engraving gourds since he was a teenager. Known as mates, the dried gourds are decorated using various engraving and burning techniques. Daniel's design, created by hand, transforms the dried mate gourd into a finely detailed full-figured cat. The top half of the gourd can be lifted up using a painted wooden knob so that small jewelry items, accessories, or trinkets can be stored inside.
  • Dried mate gourd, quinual wood
  • 2 oz
  • 3.1 inches H x 3.5 inches Diam.
  • Made in Peru