Beaded Huichol Mask Mexican Folk Art Handmade in Mexico

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A brilliant star lances mystic rays across the forehead of this beaded mask by Higinio Hernandez. It casts white light on the tatei yukahima, or “corn plant,” its golden ears ready to harvest. Teruka the scorpion stands guard over the corn on either side of the mouth, and jicuri, or “peyote” buttons, adorn cheeks and chin. Jicuri is the centerpiece of Huichol ritualism, revered for its curative properties and its ability to enlighten those who partake of it.

Aided by his wife and guided by their imagination and feelings, Hernandez creates these vivid images with brilliant chaquira beads patiently placed one at a time on a papier mache base. Beeswax is used instead of glue. His masks reveal the rich cosmology of the Huichol people and add color and life to any setting.

Because each mask is individually crafted without a pattern, small details may vary, such as the color of a flower or symbol, but without affecting the original design.

Care instructions: Since this exquisite mask is made with the traditional process of attaching the beads with wax, do not expose this piece to direct heat or light, which may cause the wax to dry or soften and thus loosen the beads.
  • Papier mache and beads
  • 0.71 lbs
  • 9 inches H x 6 inches W x 3.2 inches D
  • Made in Mexico