Electrum in Black

Black Macrame Bracelet with Amber Pendant

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SKU: 385758
This unique unisex bracelet is designed and crafted by Mexican artisans Jacqueline and Eddy. The wristband is crafted from black nylon cord using macrame techniques. The artisans adorn the bracelet with an oblong cabochon pendant of natural amber. Electrum is the Latin word for amber; the word eventually gave rise to the words 'electric', 'electricity', and other related words due to amber's ability to bear a charge of static electricity.
  • Nylon cord, amber
  • 0 oz
  • Bracelet: 6.3 inches min L - x 10.5 inches max L x 0.5 inches W
  • Pendant(s): 1.4 inches L x 0.3 inches W
  • Made in Mexico