Bright Quechua Dove

Colorful Textured Handwoven Alpaca Blend Morral Shoulder Bag

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SKU: 385314
Crafted by hand, this delightful morral combines rich textures with cheerful colors. Artisan members of Peru's Cusco Center for Traditional Textiles first knot the yarn before it is woven on a backstrap loom. The motifs derive from Inca art in an effort to keep the traditional patterns and techniques alive as well as their Andean identity. This texture is known as urpi, which means 'dove' in the Quechua language.
  • 50% alpaca, 50% wool
  • 0.33 lbs
  • Bag: 8.8 inches L x 8.8 inches W
  • Strap(s): 55 inches L x 0.8 inches W
  • Drop length: 28.5 inches from strap to bag
  • Made in Peru