Girl Grows Up

Hand Beaded African Wood Mask

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This elegant mask by Abdul Aziz Mohamadu is colorful and beautiful. Adorned with gleaming brass and intricately embossed aluminum, it depicts a beloved daughter. Recycled glass beads in red, yellow, green and blue give the mask a festive air. 'These are used by the Akyems in Eastern Ghana during the celebration of puberty rites when girls take the step into womanhood,' the artisan explains. He names this exquisite piece Nsesaie – an Akan word meaning 'Changes' or 'A change is taking place.'
  • African rubberwood, brass, aluminum and recycled glass beads
  • 1.48 lbs
  • 10.3 inches H x 10.3 inches W x 3.1 inches D
  • Made in Ghana