Rustic Galleon

Handcrafted Mexican Recycled Metal Rustic Boat Sculpture

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Sailing across the centuries, a square-rigged galleon moves swiftly across the ocean. The ships played an important role in the discovery of the Americas and were used from the 1400s to the early 1700s. Fashioned of an astonishing assortment of recycled metal, the ship springs from the imagination of Armando Ramírez. Galvanized wire holds the sails aloft while nuts form portholes and flags wave from screws. Iron sheets are used to shape the hull and sails.

Ramírez does not give his sculptures a fine polished finish, therefore smudges and scratches may be present.
  • Recycled metal
  • 5.67 lbs
  • 16.3 inches H x 13.5 inches W x 4.7 inches D
  • Made in Mexico