Festival of the Corn

Huichol Corn Festival Votive Beadwork Painting

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By Higinio Hernandez, this colorful nierika, or votive 'painting' depicts a festive Huichol tradition. After the corn harvest, the shaman leads a fiesta during which the corn is 'sacrificed' and eaten. Offerings are given to the gods, for if this ritual is not carried out, scorpions are thought to sting the children. A corn plant grows tall in the center of the composition, while village elders in traditional dress hold offerings on either side. The sacred blue deer appears with six-sided peyote blossoms and stars. The votive candle is an offering, and yellow scorpions scuttle up each side.
  • Glass beads, plywood and conacaste wood
  • 2.29 lbs
  • 15.8 inches W x 0.8 inches H
  • Made in Mexico