Radiant Jicuri

Huichol Beaded Scorpion & Peyote Skull in Bright Colors

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SKU: 391712
Glowing in incandescent color, jicuri — the six sided buds of the peyote cactus — cover an intricately beaded skull. It is revered for its curative properties and its ability to enlighten the one who partakes of it. On the forehead is Teruka, the scorpion. He is the guardian of the corn and must receive gifts before the harvest. This radiant sculpture by Higinio Hernandez Carrillo celebrates a natural world of beauty and harmony. The talented artisan coats the image with beeswax and places the tiny seed beads one by one to create the icons of his people.

Do not expose this piece to direct heat or light, as it could soften the wax adhesive and thus loosen the beads.
  • Glass beads, polystyrene foam
  • 0.84 lbs
  • 6 inches H x 5 inches W x 6.8 inches D
  • Made in Mexico