Tree House

Unique Hand-Carved Wood Sculpture from India

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SKU: 299290
'A child's merriment is an unparalleled joy. This sculpture shows a child in his backyard tree house, climbing into it with excitement. You can imagine the joy on his face as he goes inside his own abode, feeling a sense of thrill as he explores the surroundings from high up.' Indian artist Suresh Pant describes his unique, original sculpture. He collects a piece of sal wood from the riverbank near his home, carving the sculpture by hand with an abstract design to resemble the image of a young boy climbing into his tree house. A dark finish accentuates the wood, resulting in this imaginative home decor accessory.
  • Sal wood
  • 1.28 lbs
  • 11.5 inches H x 4.3 inches W x 2.8 inches D
  • Made in India